Reduce Complexity, Cost, and Time

I heard a beautiful nugget on the art of simplicity the other day.  It was about reducing complexity, cost, and time.  Or, to put it another way, it makes a great case for simplicity.

Why focus on simplicity?

To reduce complexity. 

Why reduce complexity?

It’s the key to reducing cost and time.

What a great way to connect the dots.

Aside from improving adoption, if you focus on simplicity, it’s a very real way to improve time to market and cost of goods, and in the end, elegance.

The big win for me with simplicity is the ability to improve things, whether it’s a process or a product.  If you’ve ever had to deal with a beast of either one, you can appreciate what I mean.  My first goal in taking on something is to drive for simplicity so that it has a fighting chance to improve over time. 

Complexity dies, where simplicity thrives.

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