Be the Next Microsoft Employee Finale

Here’s a little fun …

… Are you the next Microsoft employee?

Here is the final episode of Be the Next Microsoft Employee, where the winner gets the grand prize -- a job at Microsoft.   It really happens too – the winner started July 30th, 2012.  Check out the finale episode of Be the Next Microsoft Employee:

(Note – If the video doesn’t play for you, try watching directly on YouTube at Be the Next Microsoft Employee.)

It’s a great little video.   One of the contestants even poses the question – “To Azure? … or Not to Azure?”

If you think just being technically strong is the name of the game, that’s not so.

I couldn’t help but think of shtick by comedian Mitch Hedberg where he complains that to be a comedian, you have to be more than a comedian to be successful. “So you're a comedian, but can you act? … It's like asking a cook, OK, so you're a chef, but can you farm?”

I liked this comment by judge, Tim DiMarco:

“In addition to technical skills, your ability to communicate your ideas effectively, collaborate across teams, and be able to sell your ideas is critical to long term success at Microsoft.”

I also liked these other comments and pointers by the judges:

  • Have an explicit tie-in between WHY you do something, so people can follow WHAT you want to do.
  • Don't make big bold claims or guarantees in a technical conversation.   And watch for technical accuracies.
  • Start with the positive.  If you lead with the negative of the technology, you lose people.
  • Review and summarize what you're doing and why up front to set the stage, and keep it simple.
  • Actually show the priority in how you want to address the requirements.
  • Connect what you are doing back to what the customer wants or needs.   Make it relevant, and don’t’ make them have to make the connection.   Make the connection between your solution, and their problem, for them.

Here are some of the folks involved in making this happen:

  • Creator/Executive Producer - Mark Protus
  • Host/Director - Fred Northup, Jr.
  • Judges:  Buck Woody, Tim DiMarco
  • Guest Judges: Karen Lopez, Pete Harris

You can explore the Microsoft Learning team’s Be the Next Microsoft Employee Home Page where all of the episodes are available, as well as more information about the show.

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