How To Read Blogs More Effectively

Too many blogs, not enough ROI?   Is your backlog of posts to be read, wearing you down?

No more.

I’ll keep this post short or it defeats the purpose, so let’s cut right to the chase …

There is a secret to reading blogs more effectively, and it’s not reading faster.  It’s adding a strategic lens on top, so that you get back the most value, from the reading time you put in.   The strategic lens helps you trim your blog list down to size, and focus on the blogs that give you the most bang for your buck.

I’ll summarize the steps to do so, but I’ve elaborated here at How To Read Blogs More Effectively

The short answer is:

  1. Identify your strategic objectives.
  2. Build your portfolio.
  3. Review your portfolio.

If you want the details, and to improve your ROI from blogs for life, check out:

How To Read Blogs More Effectively

You’ll even see how I pare down Michael Hyatt’s blog posts and turn insight into action.  (Note – and if you really just want to know how to read faster, I’ve included a link to that too.)

Minimally, you’ll learn another approach for ruthless prioritization of the blogs you read.  Best case, I help you find more “priceless” blogs on the Web.  Happy hunting.

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