Time Management Tips #19 – Just Finish

Sometimes you need to Just Start.  Other times, you need to Just Finish.

One of the best ways never to finish something, is to spread it out over time.  Time changes what's important.  People lose interest.  Changes of heart happen along the way.  Spreading things over time or pushing them out is a great way to kill projects.

Open items, open loops, and unfinished tasks compound the problem.  The more unfinished work there is, the more task switching, and context switching you do.  Now you're spending more time switching between things, trying to pick up where you left off, and losing momentum.

This is how backlogs grow and great ideas die.  This is how people that "do" become people that "don't."

Time management tips #19 is just finish.  If you have a bunch of open work, start closing it down.  Swarm it.  Overwhelm your open items with brute force.  Set deadlines:
- Today, I clear my desk.
- Today, I decide on A, B, or C and run with it.
- Today, I close the loop.
- Today, I solve it.
- Today, I clear my backlog.

If you want to finish something, then “own” it and drive it.  To finish requires ruthless prioritization.  It requires relentless focus.  It requires putting your full force on the 20% of the things that deliver 80% of the value.  It requires deciding on an outcome and plowing through until you are done.

Stop taking on more, until you finish what's on your plate.  If you want to take on more, then finish more.  The more you finish, the better you get.

The more you finish, the more you will trust yourself to actually complete things.

The more you finish, the more others will trust you to actually take things on.

The more you finish, the more you build your momentum for great results.

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