En Fuego, Not Hair on Fire

WHAM! ...POW! ...WONK! ... SLAM! ...

No, it's not Batman. 
Those are the sounds of a friendly neighborhood Microsoft foosball player ... "En Fuego."

"En Fuego" is the expression we would say at our humble foosball table, when somebody was "on fire."  On fire is like when you are in your element and all of a sudden you are firing on all cylinders and playing at another level.

That is "En Fuego."

I remember the first time I was "En Fuego” on the foosball table.  It was unreal.
It was as if my shots were not done *by* me ... they were done *through* me.
The ball sizzled. 
My wrists snapped at just the right time.
The ball whizzed by the defense and slammed against the metal back ... TWHACK!

Ah, if you've never experienced "En Fuego" ... you haven't lived. 
Anyway, I think you get the idea of what it's like to "be on fire."

Now let's switch gears and talk about another scenario.

It's "Hair on fire." 

That's not a good thing. 

There are all sorts of expressions for this, some better than others, but the main idea is that somebody is running around, as if their hair is on fire.  It's no better than running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

It has many causes.  Some of the top ones include:

  1. Bad planning, or no planning (and the irony is many times, it's for the same things that happen every year)
  2. A certain someone likes to fight fires
  3. A certain someone knew about it weeks ago, but now it's a fire drill (because they forget to give you the memo)

Maybe you know a certain someone? …

Anyway, there is a solution.  It's "Peaceful Calm."  Peaceful Calm is the term we used on our team, when we were relaxed, resourceful, and ready for anything.   It’s like James Bond, poised for success.  Anticipate more, get surprised less, be ready for anything.

Help a friend go from "hair on fire" to "En Fuego." 

The first step is Peaceful Calm.

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