Asian Efficiency on Agile Results

“The system is so good, I don’t recommend it to people…I want to keep it to myself :-)”

That comment cracked me up.  I came across it  on an article at Asian Efficiency. 

It turns out that Asian Efficiency has a great resource to get you started on Agile Results:

It has a fantastic overview of Agile Results. 

It starts off like this …

“Agile Results is a revolutionary productivity system developed by JD Meier.

We’ve experimented extensively with Agile Results at Asian Efficiency, and think that it’s an amazing way to track your goals, keep you focused and basically help you get things done. To this end, we’ve written up an introductory guide to Agile Results which will help you get up and running with Agile right away.”

First of all, I like that Aaron Lynn and Thanh Pham have a great mission:

"Aaron Lynn and Thanh Pham want to show you how to live your life to the maximum by being more productive, so you can go after the things you want in life."

Second, what I like is that Aaron and Thanh walk you through step by step in terms of adopting Agile Results.   They share their tips and tricks of what they learned as they went along.  It’s powerful stuff.

Here are direct links and summaries to the articles they have written on Agile Results


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  1. Aaron Lynn says:

    Thanks for the mention JD! And thank you for creating Agile Results – we absolutely love using it ourselves, and telling others about it!

    – Aaron

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