Are You Using Agile Results?

Agile Results is a simple system for time management.   Agile Results is fully explained in the action guide, Getting Results the Agile Way.

Getting started with Agile Results is easy.  Here's how:

  1. On Mondays, ask yourself, "What are three wins I want for this week?"
  2. Each day, ask yourself, "What are three wins I want for today?"
  3. On Fridays, ask yourself, "What are three things going well?", and, "What are three things to improve?"

Say your answers out loud first, and then write them down. Writing your answers down helps them stick.  Saying your answers out loud helps simplify your answers.  If you get tongue tied or elaborate or lost when you say your answers, then find another way to say them until they are simple, clear, and concise.

Clarity is the key to driving results.

If you do nothing else, but want to get started right here, right now – then simply grab a piece of paper and write down three wins that you want for today.   Congratulations – you’re doing Agile Results.

One way to remember the heart of Agile Results is to simply remind yourself of the following mantras:

  • Three wins for the day
  • Three wins for the week
  • Three wins for the month
  • Three wins for the quarter
  • Three wins for the year

It's simple, but highly effective.  If you get in the habit of nailing your three wins, you will spin circles around others that don't.   You will also build an important muscle when it comes to articulating your wins.   You will suddenly be perceived as somebody who demonstrates clarity in purpose and results.  You gain trust as a productive member of the team.

Most importantly, you build your belief in you as somebody who can make things happen.  This little momentum goes a long way and will help you rise above the crowd and stand out in terms of execution excellence.

Agile Results works.  It works because it does the following:

  1. You focus on outcomes, not activities.  The outcome is the end-in-mind or the "win."  When you know this secret, you no longer waste time on tangents and activities that don't contribute to your bottom line results.  This helps you find short-cuts and amplify your value.
  2. You focus on value, not time spent.  Rather than focus on spending time, you focus on flowing value.  This forces you to pay attention to what is valued and who values it. Value is in the eye of the beholder.  You stop spending time on things that don't matter, based on what you want to accomplish.
  3. Time is a first class citizen.  This is a big deal.  Each week is a fresh start.  Each day is a fresh start.  Each day is a new chance to define new wins for that specific day.  Each week is a new chance to do a reset and decide on the big wins that you want for the week.  This focus on daily, weekly, and monthly results.
  4. You get energy on your side.  One of the secrets of getting results is using your own energy patterns to your advantage.   It makes you aware of your most productive hours and you use those hours to tackle your greatest challenges and do your greatest work.  For example, my power hours are 8:00 A.M., 10:00 A.M, 2:00 P.M, and 4:00 P.M.  The quantity and quality of work that I can produce during those hours is unmatched.  It's when I do my heavy lifting and it's how I do ten hours of work within a single hour.   It's crazy effective, because knowledge work is intimately bound to your brain being in its most resourceful, relaxed, and ready state.
  5. You focus on meaningful results.  It's not about doing more.  It's spending your precious life force on the right things.   You link what you do to your values.  Because you are driving for wins, you make it a game.  Making it a game links it to fun, as well as helps you see and *feel* your progress.  It's strategy in action.  You first identify "Why" do something, before "How."  You trim your To-Do Tree of all the ineffective, non-essential things, to make space for the stuff that really matters.
  6. It's a system.  Agile Results combines some of the best methods for thinking, feeling, and taking action into one simple system.  The system works by combining ideas like focusing on outcomes over activities, chunking big work down into acitonable steps, using your best energy for your best results, and setting helpful limits using The Rule of Three to avoid overwhelm and overload.  It helps you stay light-weight and on top of your game.
  7. It's flexible.  The agile part is the flexible part.  It's how you respond to change.  Because of it's simple nature, and the fact that it's a collection of principles, you can adapt them to suit you.  Rather than change yourself to suit the system, you use the system to bring out your best, using your own style as a catalyst, taking advantage of your unique skills, your specific values, and your most productive and creative hours. 

I could say more.  But I'd rather you just test the system for yourself.  If you don't already have the book, check it out online at , or buy the Kindle version on Amazon at

If you want to absolutely change your game and drive your results to the best in your life, then take the Agile Results 30 Day Challenge.

In a world of ever-increasing competition, you have to get every advantage on your side.  Use Agile Results to get the system on your side and to help you flourish like you've never flourished before.

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