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If you follow my blog, you know that Sources of Insight is my blog dedicated to personal effectiveness.   It includes almost 900 articles on happiness, leadership, personal development, productivity, and more.

Sources of Insight also features special guest stars, including best-selling authors such as Al Ries of The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, Dr. Rick Kirschner of Dealing with People You Can’t Stand, Gretchen Ruben of The Happiness Project, and Jim Kouzes of The Leadership Challenge.   

The goal of Sources of Insight is to empower you with skill to be YOUR best in any situation.   It includes checklists, step-by-step How Tos, and 101 lists.   In fact, if you haven’t read it all ready, be sure to read 101 of the World’s Best Insights and Actions for Work and Life.  It’s a serious game changer.

One of the most significant features of Sources of Insight is the series on Great Books, Great People, Great Quotes.   I’m a fan of timeless wisdom, and the idea here was to build a hall of heroes and put the wisdom of the ages and modern sages at your finger tips.   For example, here is a collection of some of the world’s most inspirational quotes.    If you’re a Seth Godin fan, you’ll definitely enjoy my Lessons Learned from Seth Godin.   If you’re a Bruce Lee fan, my Lessons Learned from Bruce Lee will make your soul sing.  Many people have made posters from that article.

My book lists are especially useful.  First, I spend a lot of money on books every single month, and I actually test the books in action at Microsoft.   Nothing is as revealing as applied use.  I go through a lot of books looking for the best principles, patterns, and practices for leadership, personal development, time management, and more.  Second, my book lists are not just flat lists.  My book lists are organized into meaningful buckets so that you can find books that target the specific sub-topic that you care about.  For example, there are a lot of leadership books out there.  My list chunks up leadership books that I recommend into attitude, authenticity, change, character, communication, daily, leadership development, emotional intelligence, execution, excellence, failure, learning, practices, reflection, servant leadership, situational leadership, strengths, strategy, teamwork, and trust.   See for yourself.  Check out my Leadership Books page.

Sources of Insight also includes a lot of unique insights into extreme skills.  For example, How To Think Like Bill Gates is a short and snappy article on how to emulate the thinking skills of Bill Gates in a way that you can use to improve your own thinking on a daily basis.   Choice, an article by Michael Michalko, a former Disney imagineer and author of ThinkerToys, shows you how to shape the meaning of your life based on what you choose to do, and refuse to do.  Discover Your Why, an article by Janine de Nysschen shows you how to find your purpose and lead a meaningful life.  As an added bonus, at the end of the article, Janine shares her Purpose Pack which is an advanced toolkit for helping you find your purpose through question-driven techniques.

I also give away free eBooks on Sources of Insight.  One of my most popular eBooks of all time is You 2.0.   It’s a simple eBook to help you build a firm foundation.  Within pages you find your one-liner purpose, your vision, your mission, and your values.  You also create empowering metaphors for life .. and life becomes a dance, or an epic adventure … it’s up to you.  In You 2.0, you also find your strengths, and you learn tools to improve your self-awareness.  If you are ready to level up in life, You 2.0 may just be the catalyst you need.

What’s all this got to do with my Resources Page on Sources of Insight?    Everything. 

I made an attempt to do more justice to the profound knowledge base that I’ve built up over the past few years during my relentless pursuit of excellence.  My previous Resources Page was just a simple list of the resources.  I liked the simplicity of it, but enough folks told me that it wasn’t telling the story of what’s available.  It was a tip-of-the-iceberg problem.  With that in mind, I beefed up the page.  Take my new Resources Page for a test-drive and tell me how you like it.

This is what my Resources page looked like before the revamp.  It was a simple list of the resources, organized by A- Z:


This is what my Resources page looks like now.  It includes short descriptions and a few examples from each resource:



Be sure to share Sources of Insight with your friends, family, or colleagues to help them make the most of what they’ve got.   Karma has a way of coming back around. 

While it’s an open community, the site is optimized for people with a passion for more from life.  Yes, there is a better way … if you “know-how.”  Skills make the difference in life.  Share them freely.  Share them often.  Lift others up – and help as many people as you can to “Stand on the shoulders of giants” … with insight and action for work and life.

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