200,000 Served: Getting Results the Agile Way Continues to Grow


As of yesterday, Getting Results.com served up 200,000 views on the home page.  If anything the traffic seems to continue to grow.  A friend of mine said to approach awareness of Getting Results the Agile Way as a slow burn, rather than a big bang.  I think he was right.  With this approach, I continue to invest in terms of building out the Agile Results Knowledge Base, tuning the 30 Days of Getting Results, and working on the adoption and readiness story for individuals, teams, and organizations that want to adopt the approach.

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  1. Mohan says:

    The Amazon gist mentions 'Time Management' as one of the central themes of this book. It is also mentioned that there are other forms of 'Time Management'. Would you know what other forms are there ? Do you mean some other rigorous approach ? Just curious.

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