Spirit Magazine Mentions Getting Results the Agile Way

Back in December, an editor from Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine reached out to me because they were going to feature a story on goal-setting that mentions my book, Getting Results the Agile Way.   The story is on the first paraplegic ever to walk again.

They wanted to confirm my book's key message.   They have an audience of more than 3 million so they wanted to get it right.  Here is what they proposed is the key message in Getting Results the Agile Way:

"Rather than letting the little stuff rule your life, define just three things you’d like to accomplish within a given time frame (a year, week, or day). Then define the individual tasks you need to accomplish during that time. Regularly scheduled reviews at the end of each period keep you from veering off course."

I thought it was a great synopsis and I was flattered for a mention in such a powerful article.

The article is called Luck and Desire.  It's by Nathaniel Reade, and it's a seriously good article.  Check it out.

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