Simplified Home Page for Getting Results the Agile Way

I made significant changes to simplify the home page for Getting Results the Agile Way:

I focused on making the following scenarios simpler and more discoverable:

  1. Browsing Getting Results the Agile Way in HTML
  2. Getting Started with Agile Results.
  3. Reading testimonials.
  4. Reading stories and case studies.
  5. Browsing the Knowledge Base.

I also put Checklists, Guidelines, How Tos, and Templates at your finger tips. You can master Focus, Goals, Motivation, Time Management, and more.

Hopefully the site better exemplifies simplicity, effectiveness, and excellence.  If there are key things you would like to see on the site, use the contact form on this blog and let me know.  Keep in mind I am building out a rich collection of How Tos, Slides, Videos, and more.  

Note that there is also a companion site of free time management training, 30 Days of Getting Results, at .

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