Microsoft Developer Platform at a Glance

This is my yearly roundup of the Microsoft developer platform.  It includes Visual Studio 2012, .NET Framework 4.5, Windows Azure, Windows Phone, Office 2013, and more.  I’ve included key links and starting points at the end to help you find your way around the vast Microsoft technical playground.   Category Items Application Infrastructure .NET Framework…


Inspirational Quotes for 2013

Inspirational quotes can inspire and lift you if you let them.  After all, inspiration is “to breathe life into.”  And who doesn’t want a breath of fresh air for 2013? But first, let’s put a key concept front and center – because it’s paramount to success in today’s arena. It’s energized differentiation. Brands that stand…


Office 365 at a Glance

This is my roundup of Microsoft Office 365 at a glance.  I’ve included a brief summary of the key services and features direct from the Microsoft Office 365 Service Descriptions, as well as a massive feature list of the Office 365 Services at the end of this post. At the start of every year, I…


Microsoft Explained: Making Sense of the Microsoft Platform Story

At least once a year, I try to walk the Microsoft platform and do a roundup of all the products and technologies, especially focused on the developer side.   (Here is an example – Mapping Out the Microsoft Application Platform.)  It helps me see ahead, anticipate changes, challenges, and opportunities, and really get a balcony view…


Windows Azure at a Glance

This is my quick lookup table of Windows Azure at a glance.   I use it to very quickly hop and out of Windows Azure and to help me stay oriented among the capabilities and features. It’s not fancy.  It’s just a simple list of Windows Azure functionality grouped by meaningful buckets.   Category Items Compute…


30 Day Improvement Sprints: The Key to Making Impact, Changing Habits, and Rapid Learning

30 Day Improvement Sprints may just be your best friend as you start your new year.   You can use 30 Day Improvement Sprints to learn new skills, build or change habits, and amplify your impact.   They provide a simple way to apply concentrated effort in batch to accelerate your success. I’ve written about 30 Day…


Weekly Outcomes for Teams and Leaders

Weekly outcomes are the key to execution excellence.  They support incremental progress, flowing value, and continuous learning.  I’ve written about weekly outcomes before in Weekly Outcomes: The Simple Weekly Planner and How To Lead High-Performance Teams.    Great, but now I want to really shine the spot light on what an example looks like and why….


Year in Review 2012

At the end of each year, I like to take a step back and take the balcony view – to learn from the hind sights and gain some foresight. It’s been a crazy year.  My book, Getting Results the Agile Way, has been a #1 best-seller for time management on Amazon.  In fact, this morning…


Personal Development Books at Your Fingertips

I’ve done an extensive overhaul of my Personal Development Books List.  Aside from new books on the list, you’ll also notice a new Getting Started section, as well as an A-Z Best Personal Development Books list at the end.  This is a powerful collection of personal development books. You can use these personal development books…


Best Leadership Books

My Best Leadership Books list is now ready for action.   I’ve revised the Top 10 Best Leadership Books section, added a Getting Started section and an A-Z List of the Best Leadership Books to help you quickly scan the full collection.  I hope you find it to be one of the most useful lists of…