Simplified Site and Knowledge Base for Getting Results the Agile Way

OK, after testing multiple iterations against 7 competing designs, I’ve updated the Getting site and the Getting Results Knowledge Base.  It should now be a lot easier and friction-free to learn about the Agile Results Time Management System.

Here are key changes:

  1. Simplified the Side Bar – a few vital choices, less words, less confusion, simpler paths.
  2. Created simpler, visual impact up front – less complex, less overwhelm, yet more focus … more like a newspaper with headlines, with easy ways to read more.
  3. Put the focus on The Book and The Knowledge Base.
  4. Balanced the visuals up front – the book and Dr. K – to keeps the eyes happy.
  5. Stuck all the floating text into the boxes and frames for focus.
  6. Balanced some more text, with less text, and less links.
  7. Brought the idea to life how the Knowledge Base “supports” the book, as well as “extends” it (it’s on the bottom as  a platform vs. off to the side.)
  8. Made the knowledge Base more of a glide-path into the book.  I focused on timeless hot topics such as goals, motivation, and time management (Previously I focused on the How Tos, Checklists, etc.)
  9. Made a few key ideas pop more, such as the idea that Agile Results is the system inside the book, and that you can use The Rule of Three to shape your life.
  10. Hacked away at the unessential Bruce Lee style.  It’s tough not to want to expose more than the tip of the ice-berg.  There is depth on the site.  After all, you can read the entire Getting Results the Agile Way book for free, and the Knowledge Base has prescriptive step-by-step How Tos, such as How To Set SMART Goals and Achieve Them, and in-depth Guidelines, such as Focus Guidelines, and Motivation Guidelines.   These are aren’t your ordinary tips and tricks -- the Focus Guidelines are so powerful that some folks with ADD tell me they are actually using them to get off their meds and learn new coping mechanisms.

Hopefully you find the site a lot easier to use and to find your way around.   I’ll continue to simplify, test, tune, and refine … after all, that’s the agile way Winking smile

Many thanks to Alik Levin, Paul Enfield, Steve Andrews, Tobin Titus, and Will Kennedy for inspiration and ideas on how to take Agile Results and Getting Results the Agile Way to the next level.

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