Getting Started with Getting Results Free eBook

Getting Results the Agile Way is a simple time management system for achievers.   Whether you are an underdog trying to make the most of what you’ve got, or you are simply somebody with a passion for more from life, you are an achiever in my book.  (After all, we are all an underdog at some…


Press Release for Getting Results the Agile Way on Kindle

The press release for Getting Results the Agile Way is now live at Time Management Tips and Time Management Strategies for Achievers.   I think the message hits a sweet spot – it’s a time management system for achievers.  (One interesting tidbit along those lines is that Getting Results the Agile Way was #2 on the…


Friday Links 2011-10-28

From the Archives Business Scenarios for the Cloud – While putting together lessons learned from our Enterprise Strategy cloud engagements, we consolidated a set of recurring business scenarios and themes.  You may find these useful if you are thinking about cloud opportunities from a business perspective, and are looking for some common patterns and perspectives….


Program Management Tip – Save Time by Working on What Actually Counts

One of the most valuable lessons I learned early on in Program Management at Microsoft, is that value is in the eye of the beholder. One common pitfall is throwing a lot of time and effort at things, only to find that when you’re done, nobody cares. If you keep feeling a lack of appreciation,…


Now Available: Getting Results the Agile Way on Kindle

It’s time to rattle the cage  People have been asking me for this, and now it’s finally here.  The Kindle version of Getting Results the Agile Way is now available.   It’s a personal results system for work and life.   Whether you want to find your mojo, or take your personal effectiveness to the next level,…


Personal Development Books Revisited

I’ve updated my Personal Development Books collection.   If you’ve seen it before, you’ll notice it’s a lot cleaner and easier to scan.  If you haven’t seen it before, hopefully it is one of the most complete lists of personal development books that you’ve come across. Personal development books hit a sweet spot for me because…


Stevey’s Google Platforms Rant

I’m a fan of lessons learned.   I especially like Stevey’s Google Platform Rant because it’s raw and it’s real, and it’s an insider’s lessons on what they think Amazon does right, and what Google does wrong, and how to fix it.  It’s a call to action. It did not strike me as a bash post…


Personal Development Hub on Sources of Insight

My categories page on Sources of Insight is really a Personal Development Hub (if you think in terms of a Hub and Spoke model.)   It’s a one-stop shop for all the categories I use on Sources of Insight.   Many of you I know, focus on continuous improvement and are life-long learners, so you’ll appreciate this….


Steve Jobs Lessons Learned

What a terrible loss for the world.  Steve Jobs was one of my personal heroes.  He was an amazing blend of engineer, entrepreneur, and designer.  He knew how to bring ideas to life, and he lived with zest.  In fact, that’s what I liked most … he had a crazy drive to live life to…


Personal Development Lessons Learned from Jariek Robbins

Jariek Robbins, son of Tony Robbins, shares his personal development lessons learned.   I asked Jariek to write a guest post for me on his best lessons learned in personal development, and he slammed it home.  In his article, “How to Take the Ordinary and Turn it into EXTRAORDINARY!”, he shares how to deal with mundane,…