Create New Revenue Streams from Existing Capabilities

While putting together business scenarios for the cloud, one of the scenarios that came up is “create new revenue streams from existing capabilities.”  The business opportunity, solution, and benefits are summarized as follows:


Monetize business capabilities as a revenue generator. Leveraging a cloud platform to achieve a business capability can prove profitable through extending the implementation for others to consume on a subscription basis.

  • New revenue streams. Monetize existing capabilities through new channels to offset the cost.
  • White label a business capability. Extend existing applications as a consumable service to generate revenue.
  • Expose internal content. Create API’s into core systems to use internal content as a revenue stream.
  • Leverage consumption based pricing. Use cloud based pricing models to lower costs, risks and time.
  • Additional revenue streams. Find new revenue streams from existing capabilities and data by providing them as a service.
  • Maximize capital investments. Distribute unused capacity of Dynamic Data Center to other departments or customers.
  • Lower investments for new opportunities. Pursue opportunities without costs and lead times required by a traditional data center.
  • Increase market share. Use the public cloud to access new markets in previously unattainable geographies.
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