The Way of Success

"I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate." -- George Burns

I should have written this a long time ago.  This can potentially be one of the most important tools you add to your mental toolbox.  It's life changing.

I'm giving you a recipe for success.  Along the lines of Bruce Lee, I call it, The Way of Success.  I named it "The Way of Success", because it's about working backwards from the end in mind, while enjoying the journey forward.  Enjoying the journey forward, doesn’t mean that it’s a bed roses, but instead it’s more fulfilling and you can have confidence in the path, as well as enjoy more ups, than downs.

What is the Way of Success
What exactly is "The Way of Success"?  It's a proven practice for producing outstanding results in your life.  Whether you want to change your lot in life, or improve your impact at work, or grow yourself to another level, this is a timeless technique for making it happen.  Life can also throw us plenty of curve balls, so this is a way to work on your swing, and knock more out of the park.

The Way of Success at a Glance
Here are the key steps in the process:

  • Step 1. Envision the Future
  • Step 2. Map Out the Goals
  • Step 3. Model the Best
  • Step 4. Map Out the Possible Paths
  • Step 5. Identify Your Tests for Success
  • Step 6. Test Your Results
  • Step 7. Change Your Approach Based on Feedback

I explain each step in my article, The Way of Success.  Note that while I share it as steps, the process is iterative and incremental.

It’s Not Easy, It’s Effective
This is not an "easy" way to success.  Instead it's an effective "path" for success.  Unfortunately, sacrifice is often the price of success.  To make it worse, it's easy to sacrifice a lot of time and energy, only to hit a dead-end or a glass ceiling.  The solution is to use models and maps from working examples to avoid the pitfalls and streamline your success.   So while it’s not easy, it can be “easier.”

The Balcony View is the Key to Success
There really is a pattern for success and the beauty is that anybody can use it to do anything better.  You can model the success and excellence of others and apply it to your own life.  And there actually are short-cuts for speeding up your success, without cutting corners.  The trick is finding the critical paths that work.  The real trick though is to take the balcony view and look across the patterns of success from working models.  By looking across, you can find the most likely models that will work for you, and you can find the nuances and distinctions that make them work.  This is the ultimate formula and recipe for success that will help you get more leverage from the time and effort that you already put in.

The next time you see somebody succeeding in amazing ways, now you know how the magic trick was done, but better yet, how you can do it too.

Call to Action
Read the The Way of Success.  Apply it to an important area or challenge in your life.  Test your results.  Share your stories and feedback with me.  Share the approach with others.   Share it with anybody you know that needs an advantage in life, and would want a proven practice for improving their success.

Comments (5)

  1. Jeffrey Diercks says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I've found much inspiration in your posts, but this one is particularly succinct.

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Jeffrey — Thank you.  I hope this method serves you well.

  3. User Ed says:

    There are two ways to learn from life… from your own mistakes or from someone else's mistakes. I would prefer to learn from yours.

  4. User Ed says:

    Great job! The longer article you link to helps explain this more. Thanks!

  5. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Ed — Thank you.  The more I can help people avoid dead ends or costly mistakes, the better.

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