The Changing Landscape of Competitive Advantage

In the article, The Strategy Accelerator, Alfred Griffioen shares some specific examples of how today’s landscape changes the competitive arena:

  • Online auctions replace relationship-based purchasing processes.
  • Small, innovative companies can offer their services and compete with larger players.
  • Faster product rationalization — fast distribution technologieis increase the competition among products, while prices decline.
  • Transparency has increased, moving investment decisions from a company level to an activity level.
  • Knowledge can be obtained more easily, relevant components and partners can be found all over the world, and financial. resources can be obtained more easily for a good idea.
  • Small, specialized organizations with high added value activities can lead the new economy.

I’ve seen this in action, and I like how Alfred called these out.  It helps us not just see the landscape, but start to form new rules for the road.

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