Performance Review Template

It’s that time of year when folks are busy with reviews.  Here is a time-tested template for writing your results in a way that’s easy to defend, while making both your results and your approach shine through:

This is no ordinary template, and don’t let the simplicity fool you.  It’s evolved over time under the collective scrutiny of many reviewers and people that have used this template to better articulate their impact in a more objective and holistic way.  Here’s why.  It explicitly frames out the following:

  • Results
  • How
  • Evidence
  • Analysis

“Results” creates space to write about your bottom line results.  This answers the question, “What did you deliver?”, but more importantly, frames it in the context of outcomes and impact.  It’s less about whether you did X, Y, or Z, and more about the actual impact you delivered.  Your results.

“How” creates space to write about how you achieved your results.  This is especially important if you are trying to highlight and show how your approach demonstrates skills or competencies at a higher level.   This is where you can highlight things like teamwork, cross-group collaboration, leadership skills, etc.

“Evidence” creates space to share all the quotes, quantities, and qualitative feedback about your impact.  This is the place where you can truly make it obvious that your results and impact are more than just your subjective view.  Nothing speaks stronger than a few powerful quotes from a few of the right people.

“Analysis” creates space for you to write about the highs and lows.  A simple way to target and frame this is to think in terms of three things going well, and three things to improve.

Check out the Performance Review Template and I’ll be interested to know what tips or tricks you have for articulating your impact and making your review do justice to the work you’ve done throughout the year.

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