Windows Azure How-Tos Index

The Windows Azure IX (Information Experience) team has made it easier to browse their product documentation.  Beautiful.  They added a Windows Azure How-To Index of their content to the MSDN Library.  I think it’s great to see a shift to more How-To and task-oriented content.  I think that naming with How-To, also makes it easier to find articles that might relate to your scenario or task.

Here is the collection of How-Tos you will find when you browse the index:

How to: Build a Windows Azure Application

  • How to Configure Virtual Machine Sizes
  • How to Configure Connection Strings
  • How to Configure Operating System Versions
  • How to Configure Local Storage Resources
  • How to Create a Certificate for a Role
  • How to Create a Remote Desktop Protocol File
  • How to Define Environment Variables Before a Role Starts
  • How to Define Input Endpoints for a Role
  • How to Define Internal Endpoints for a Role
  • How to Define Startup Tasks for a Role
  • How to Encrypt a Password
  • How to Restrict Communication Between Roles
  • How to Retrieve Role Instance Data
  • How to Use the RoleEnvironment.Changing Event
  • How to Use the RoleEnvironment.Changed Event

How to: Use the Windows Azure SDK Tools to Package and Deploy an Application

  • How to Prepare the Windows Azure Compute Emulator
  • How to Configure the Compute Emulator to Emulate Windows Azure
  • How to Package an Application by Using the CSPack Command-Line Tool
  • How to Run an Application in the Compute Emulator by Using the CSRun Command-Line Tool
  • How to Initialize the Storage Emulator by Using the DSInit Command-Line Tool
  • How to Change the Configuration of a Running Service
  • How to Attach a Debugger to New Role Instances
  • How to View Trace Information in the Compute Emulator
  • How to Configure SQL Server for the Storage Emulator

How to Configure a Web Application

  • How to Configure a Web Role for Multiple Web Sites
  • How to Configure the Virtual Directory Location
  • How to Configure a Windows Azure Port
  • How to Configure the Site Entry in the Service Definition File
  • How to Configure IIS Components in Windows Azure
  • How to Configure a Service to Use a Legacy Web Role

How to: Manage Windows Azure VM Roles

  • How to Create the Base VHD
  • How to Install the Windows Azure Integration Components
  • How to Prepare the Image for Deployment
  • How to Deploy an Image to Windows Azure
  • How to Create and Deploy the VM Role Service Model
  • How to Create a Differencing VHD
  • How to Change the Configuration of a VM role

How to: Administering Windows Azure Hosted Services

  • How to Setup a Windows Azure Subscription
  • How to Setup Multiple Administrator Accounts

How to: Deploy a Windows Azure Application

  • How to Package your Service
  • How to Deploy a Service
  • How to Create a Hosted Service
  • How to Create a Storage Account
  • How to Configure the Service Topology

How to: Upgrade a Service

  • How to Perform In-Place Upgrades
  • How to Swap a Service's VIPs

How to: Manage Upgrades to the Windows Azure Guest OS

  • How to Determine the Current Guest OS of your Service
  • How to Upgrade the Guest OS in the Management Portal
  • How to Upgrade the Guest OS in the Service Configuration File

How to: Configure Windows Azure Connect

  • How to Activate Windows Azure Roles for Windows Azure Connect
  • How to Install Local Endpoints with Windows Azure Connect
  • How to Create and Configure a Group of Endpoints in Windows Azure Connect
Comments (1)

  1. The Index is Great - Doc Still Need Work says:

    The experience team still has a lot of work. Particularly in the new stuff areas.  They rush the code out the door – which I generally don't mind except the documentation is always WAY-WAY behind.  It seems that the community figures it out long before the docs get to the site.  I do this stuff for a living and I do know about documentation.

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