Great Books, Great People, Great Quotes

One of the main things Sources of Insight, my personal effectiveness blog, draws from is books, people, and quotes.  By drawing from books, people, and quotes, you can leverage the wisdom of the ages and stand on the shoulders of giants.  It’s a recipe for results.

When it comes to effectiveness, I find that there’s a big gap between the state of the art and the state of the practice.  The way to bridge the gap is to turn insight into action and continuously learn and test both timeless patterns and practices, as well as emerging practices.   Whether it’s a model, a map, a lens, a principle, a pattern, a practice, or a technique, all these distinctions help you build your personal knowledge base of profound knowledge.  Knowledge alone isn’t enough though.  It' takes action.  Nothing beats applied research and you need the wisdom that comes from the rubber meeting the road.

To help share the information, I’ve created three focused pages on Sources of Insight:

I’ve also created a Resources hub to share some key resources, such as Free E-Books and Free Productivity Training.  If you do stop by, be sure to grab your free copy of You 2.0.   It’s a very special guide to helping you find your core and build a firm foundation.  It’s very simple to flip through, but if you do the exercises, you might find that they are exactly what you need to find your way forward.  It’s all about helping you unfold and unleash a better version of yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Comments (2)

  1. sachin kundu says:

    So true books are my greatest source of self and community around me improvement. So much so after getting engineering degree, I have been reluctant to go back to school to get more advanced degree. I look around me people with advanced degrees but exactly the same knowledge which I collected from books I get discouraged for investing 2-5 years of my life more into what researchers and academicians already put out for understanding. Knowledge ranging from advanced algorithms to team leading. It has worked well till now

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Sachin — Right on.  What I'm finding is that books are the key to staying on top of the best insights.  Some people don't have the discipline for self-study, but if you do, then it's a great way to get ahead of the game.

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