Getting Results Knowledge Base v2

I significantly revamped the Getting Results Knowledge Base this past weekend.  The Knowledge Base (KB) is a rich collection of principles, patterns, and practices for getting better, faster, simpler results.  It’s the companion to my book on getting results, Getting Results the Agile Way, which is a personal results system for work and life.

The strategy is to have a “thin guide” + “thick KB”.  The guide is the size of a thin playbook, while the KB is a growing repository of checklists, templates, step-by-step How Tos, etc.

Features of the Knowledge Base
The KB is designed to be easy to browse, and has the following features:

  • Getting Started – Browse the Getting started section.
  • Popular – This is a short-list of some of the most commonly used items.
  • Featured – This is a showcase of some key assets within the knowledge base.
  • Topics - Browse by topics (Action, Focus, Goals, Motivation, etc.)
  • Content Types - Browse by content types (Articles, Checklists, How Tos, etc.)
  • Multimedia - Browse by multimedia (Posters, Slides, etc.)

Here are some of the topics addressed in the Getting Results Knowledge Base:

I know I drove some people crazy asking them for feedback to improve the usability, but I think it paid off.   While the KB has a long ways to go, I think it’s a strong foundation to build on.

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