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I included a lot of visuals in my book Getting Results the Agile Way.    You can easily browse and share the visuals from the Getting Results Knowledge Base.   I’m a fan of turning information into visuals where possible. I think this helps share mental models faster, and once you have a mental model for something, it makes learning about it faster and easier.  Getting Results the Agile Way is a personal results system for work and life, so the visuals tend to be about time management, focus, motivation, etc.

Example – Conceptual Framework for Getting Results the Agile Way
This image is a conceptual map of the framework behind the system:


  • Time as a First Class Citizen.  As you can see from the image above, the system is pinned against time – daily, weekly, and monthly results (and that’s extensible.) 
  • Hot Spots as a Heat Map or Portfolio.  The Hot Spots are like a Heat Map of what’s important or what’s on your plate.  I actually think of it as a portfolio to check my investments in my work projects, my home projects, and the bigger picture called “life.”
  • Results Frame as a Lens for Principles, Patterns, and Practices.  The Results Frame is a set of categories within the personal productivity, personal effectiveness, and results space.  It’s a way to chunk up the space and make it more actionable.  Each category represents actionable buckets within that domain.   For example, there are several principles, patterns, and practices for improving your “Focus” or improving your “Task Management.”  The Results Frame makes it easy both to hunt down other principles, patterns, and practices or to organize your own collections.
  • Principles, Patterns, and Practices as Durable Strategies and Tactics.  The principles, patterns, and practices are the strategies and tactics we can use to turn insight into action and find better ways to fire on all cylinders.
  • Lenses for Getting Results.  What you see in action are effectively lenses.  Hot Spots lets us look at work and life as a portfolio of investments, and to make sense of priorities.  Time is a lens where we can look at a day, a week, a month, or a year and ask ourselves, “What’s our next best thing to do?” …. or “What do I want to accomplish given the energy, time, and resources I have today?”, etc.  The Results Frame gives us a lens we can use to look at places to improve to get our game on and get the best synergy possible.

Browse the visuals and take a visual tour of Getting Results the Agile Way.

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