Windows Azure Developer Guidance Map


If you’re a Windows Azure developer or you want to learn Windows Azure, this map is for you.   Microsoft has an extensive collection of developer guidance available in the form of Code Samples, How Tos, Videos, and Training.  The challenge is -- how do you find all of the various content collections? … and part of that challenge is knowing *exactly* where to look.  This is where the map comes in.  It helps you find your way around the online jungle and gives you short-cuts to the treasure troves of available content.

The Windows Azure Developer Guidance Map helps you kill a few birds with one stone:

  1. It show you the key sources of Windows Azure content and where to look (“teach you how to fish”)
  2. It gives you an index of the main content collections (Code Samples, How Tos, Videos, and Training)
  3. You can also use the map as a model for creating your own map of developer guidance.

Download the Windows Azure Developer Guidance Map

Contents at a Glance

  • Introduction
  • Sources of Windows Azure Developer Guidance
  • Topics and Features Map (a “Lens” for Finding Windows Azure Content)
  • Summary Table of Topics
  • How The Map is Organized (Organizing the “Content Collections”)
  • Getting Started
  • Architecture and Design
  • Code Samples
  • How Tos
  • Videos
  • Training

Mental Model of the Map
The map is a simple collection of content types from multiple sources, organized by common tasks, common topics, and Windows Azure features:


Special Thanks …
Special thanks to David Aiken, James Conard, Mike Tillman, Paul Enfield, Rob Boucher, Ryan Dunn, Steve Marx, Terri Schmidt, and Tobin Titus for helping me find and round up our various content collections.

Enjoy and share the map with a friend.

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  1. euo says:

    thanks.. it'll help us much in preparation for the coming certification exam

  2. Richard VJ says:


  3. Richard VJ says:


  4. Cory Fowler says:

    This is very helpful 🙂 Is this a re-iteration of your previous post on the Guidance Maps […/microsoft-developer-guidance-maps.aspx] or has this been updated for the new announcements?

  5. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Cory – It's three things:

    1. a sweep of the material

    2. a test of the form factor (is a PDF more effective than pages)

    3. a re-think and sanity check of the information model

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