ASP.NET Code Samples Collection


The ASP.NET Code Samples Collection is a roundup and map of ASP.NET code samples from  various sources including the MSDN library,, Code Gallery, CodePlex, and Microsoft Support.

You can add to the ASP.NET code examples collection by sharing in the comments or emailing me atFeedbackAndThoughts at

Common Categories for ASP.NET Code Samples
The ASP.NET Code Samples Collection is organized using the following categories:



ASP.NET Code Samples Collection



Sample Applications


AJAX / jQuery

All-in-One Code Framework

Code Gallery

Microsoft Support


Code Gallery

Customer Support


Code Gallery


Data Access

All-in-One Code Framework

Code Gallery

Exception Management

Code Gallery

Microsoft Support

JavaScript / JSON

Code Gallery

Logging and Instrumentation

patterns & practices


Code Gallery



Request Processing

ASP.NET Developer Center (www.ASP.NET)

State / Session Management

Code Gallery


Code Gallery

Visual Studio and ASP.NET Development

Code Gallery

Microsoft Support


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  1. Mostafa says:

    Thank you , That was so  useful to me .

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Mostafa — Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy.

  3. Omar says:

    WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW i love u

    and love ur artichles

  4. Sabahuddin says:

    Thanks for helping me and my friends

  5. Murugesan says:

    Great collection…. Keep it up….

  6. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Omar — Thank you.

    @ zhang zhao — Yes, they're the same.  Joe and I synched up when he was here on campus and he wanted to share the collections more broadly.

    @ Sabahuddin — Your welcome

    @ Murugesan — Thank you.  Will do.

  7. SohelElite says:

    G8 to see all useful code @ one place G8 work but keep upgrading the list  

  8. Mike Kingscott says:

    Hi there, thanks for the list, but one point: the "•ASP.NET CheckBox Validation Control for .NET v2.0 & .NET v3.5" points to an page about the standard validation controls, wherein nothing is found about creating a validation control for a checkbox.

  9. J.D. Meier says:

    @ SohelElite – Thank you.  I hope to move it to a Wiki so it's easier to maintain.

    @ Mike Kingscott — Thank you.  Good catch — Fixed.

  10. Jack Michael says:

    Another web site that offers concise, easy-to-understand, javascript, and sql examples is

  11. Rashid Akhter says:

    Thankx. Great work. Keep it up :-).

  12. Rashid Akhter says:

    Good Work 🙂

  13. Bob says:


    None of the Authorization links works (or am I doing something wrong!?).

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