Getting Results Knowledge Base Unleashed

Today, I significantly revamped the Knowledge Base for Getting Results the Agile Way.  The Getting Results Knowledge Base features templates, tools, and step-by-step How Tos for adopting and implementing Getting Results the Agile Way.  Here is a screen shot:


Templates and Tools for Making Things Happen
The Getting Results Knowledge Base is a non-trivial collection of some serious know-how that you can use to change your game.  The Knowledge Base includes:

If you ever get lost or if you’re helping somebody get up to speed, simply refer to the one-page guide … Getting Started with Agile Results.  It shows you how to adopt Agile Results in three easy steps.  Another good entry point, and one you might end up using as a daily reminder, is the Checklist for Getting Results.  It’s a tickler list of one-liner reminders and prompts to help you get better results in any situation.

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