Employee Engagement on Getting Results the Agile Way

David Zinger has shared his take on Getting Results the Agile Way in a review on his blog at http://www.davidzinger.com.  You can check out David’s review of Getting Results the Agile Way at:

If you don’t know David, he’s a writer, educator, speaker, consultant, and all around good guy, that lives and breathes employee engagement, which is all about how individuals, teams, and leaders can be more engaged in the work that they do.   His passion and super skill is helping people get more out of their work, and unleash their passion on the job.

You can see David in action at The Employee Engagement Network and you can check out his amazingly concise and insightful book, Zengage.  In a nutshell, Zengage is a short powerful book to help you get more out of your work by getting more into your work.

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