Slides for The Rule of 3, Hot Spots, and Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection

At the end of the day, if I’m going to throw my time and energy at something, I want to know that it will make impact.  I also want to make sure that I’m on path, meaning it connects to my values and my purpose, and that I’m using proven practices to make things happen with skill. 

There is a lot of science and wisdom of the ages but it’s tough to pull everything we know about thinking, feeling, and taking action in the most effective way.  Add to that the challenge that we’re all different and we have to apply any principles, patterns, or practices to our specific scenario or context.

Getting Results the Agile Way is a way to pull it all together and get the system on your side.  It’s the system I’ve honed over years and it’s principle-based, which means you can tailor it very easily to yourself or the situation.

To make it easy to learn some of the key ideas, I created three short slide shows to share the three key parts of Agile Results:

  • The Rule of Three Slide Show - The Rule of 3 is a simple concept.  Think in three’s.   The Rule of 3 helps us deal with information overload.  It’s a simple way to set limits and chunk things down.
  • Hot Spots Slide Show - Hot spots are a simple metaphor for thinking about what’s important.  Imagine your life as a heat map with Hot Spots.  Hot Spots are the key investment areas or choice points that need your attention.  Hot Spots are a lens and each Hot Spot can represent pain or opportunity or pleasure.
  • Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection Slide Show - Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, and Friday Reflection is a simple pattern for weekly results.  It's a way to use stories to make your week more meaningful and spend more time achieving what you want.

For August, I’m putting a strong emphasis on sharpening and honing my execution skills – a tune up of the system.  As part of the process, I decided to make my August theme all about getting results.  You can follow along at 30 Days of Getting Results where each day I will share another nugget from the book of getting results.

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