Be the Author of Your Life and Write Your Story Forward

Today I gave another talk on Getting Results the Agile Way to a fellow team in Microsoft.  While putting together this talk, I needed a way to tie everything together.  The message I finally settled on was this:

Be the author of your life, a story at a time, a day at a time …

Obviously that's a metaphor, but it really brings to life the idea that Getting Results is a story-driven approach for getting results in work and life.  While it combines some of the best practices for focus, time management, energy management, and productivity, the most important thing is that it puts YOU front and center.  After all, the person who is most impacted by your decisions is you.  Who cares about any results if they aren't meaningful for you, or if they don't move you towards the person you want to be or the experiences you want to create.

Comments (2)

  1. alikl says:

    I have just opened a local news and the first headline was "We believe that the best way to tell the future is to build one"…


  2. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Alik — It's sound advice and perfectly echoes the mantra!

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