Getting Results Fan Page Now Available

The Getting Results Facebook Fan Page is now available.  It’s for my latest book, Getting Results the Agile Way.

Getting Results is my first non-technical book and it’s all about making you great.  You’ll learn the super skills for working on the right things, the right way, at the right time, with the right energy … unleashing your best.  Oh, and did I mention, you can read it all for free?  It’s all free in HTML.  You can learn the secrets of how I drive myself, coach other teams at Microsoft, and lead distributed teams around the World for more than 10 years for world-class results.  It’s spreading fast … people are adopting it … and people are writing stories to me about how it’s changing their lives.  Who knew success would be so contagious … and everybody wants some of that 🙂

It’s all about getting results in work and life.  It’s the best of the best success patterns for making the most of what you’ve got, playing to your strengths, mastering your time, and living your values.

I’m a fan of sharing know-how rapidly, effectively, and unselfishly … so all the secrets are in the guide, no holds barred.  You get the distillation of trial and tribulation, deliberate practice, and synthesis of the best of the best methods for getting results.  Get the system on your side and like Bruce Lee said, “absorb what is useful.”

Maybe you’ll be the next rags to riches story.  Maybe you’ll become the new hero at work who moves mountains and makes things happen.  Maybe you’ll just find more joy in your day to day.  Either way … best wishes on uncorking yourself and may the full force of Agile Results be with you. 

If it’s not for you, maybe you know somebody who needs a lift up in life.  Share it with them.  I’m teaching my friends and family and all who care the skills to go the distance in an ever-changing world.

Comments (2)

  1. Getting Results is an excellent source of inspiration for techies and non-techies alike!

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    @ Robert

    Thank you!  I want it to help everybody make the most of work and life.

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