Lessons in Software from Mike de Libero

I have a guest post, Lesson in Software from Mike de Libero, on Shaping Software.  Mike was a security tester on the Microsoft Office team and has a variety of experiences under his belt.   Here is a summary of his lessons:

  • Lesson 1. All software is flawed.
  • Lesson 2. Check-in often.
  • Lesson 3. Tests, gotta love them.
  • Lesson 4. Refactor, check-in and repeat.
  • Lesson 5. Coding is easy, humans are tough.
  • Lesson 6. The more eyes on your code the better.
  • Lesson 7. Keep learning and improving.
  • Lesson 8. Simple is beautiful.
  • Lesson 9. Learn software development not coding.
  • Lesson 10. Think about your audience.

You can read an explanation of the lessons in his post, Lesson in Software from Mike de Libero.

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  1. juicy says:

    Great lesson.

    I really enjoyed reading your post.


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