Discover Your Why

Do you know why you do what you do?  Your why defines the difference you want to make in this world, and it inspires everything you do.  For example, I originally joined Microsoft to help change the world and improve the quality of life for people through software.  In fact, a lot of fellow Softees, joined Microsoft with the hopes to build a better world.  When you live your why, a lot of other things fall into place.  Sounds great, but how do you actually discover your why …

Well, I have a guest post from Janine de Nysschen on how to Discover Your Why on Sources of Insight.   Janine is the founder of Whytelligence and has more than 25 years of experience in the strategy and intelligence arena.

Even if you already know why you do what you do, check out Janine’s advice to be sure you don’t fall into the logic trap – you should be emotionally connected to your purpose.  So put on your curiosity cap and read discover your why with an open mind.  Discovering your why, just might change your life.

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