Lessons in Software from James Waletzky

I have a guest post, Lessons in Software from James Waletsky, on Shaping Software.  James is a Development lead at Microsoft, with several years of coaching teams on Agile practices and software engineering under his belt.  Here is a summary of his lessons:

  • Lesson 1.    Keep it simple.
  • Lesson 2.    Define ‘done’.
  • Lesson 3.    Deliver incrementally and iteratively.
  • Lesson 4.    Split scenarios into vertical slices.
  • Lesson 5.    Continuously improve.
  • Lesson 6.    Unit testing is the #1 quality practice.
  • Lesson 7.    Don’t waste your time.
  • Lesson 8.    Features are not the most important thing.
  • Lesson 9.    Never trust anyone.
  • Lesson 10.    Reviews without preparation are useless.

You can read an explanation of the lessons in his post, Lessons In Software from James Waletzky.

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