Influencer – The Power to Change Anything

Whether you need to change something in your life or make changes at work, influence is your friend.  I just finished a 2 day course on influence.  It exceeded my expectations.  It was jam packed with insight and action I can use on the job.  I walked away with an effective framework for diagnosing problems of all shapes and sizes.  I think of it as "skilled change management."  Rather than push on a problem from one angle or throw one solution at it, I can inspect the problem from multiple dimensions and find the best leverage points.  The heart of the approach is thinking in terms of motivation and ability, and then analyzing from a personal, social, and structural perspective.  Another key is finding and focusing on vital behaviors that exponentially improve your results.

I wrote up my notes from my training, put them on my other blog, Sources of Insight.  The post is Influencer - The Power to Change Anything.  So far, I've shared my notes from day 1, but I still need to write up and share notes from day 2.


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