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Personal Development is one of my passions.  I find and share the principles, patterns, and practices that work.  I have some draft thinking that I'm sharing in my You 2.0 E-Book.  I turned a slide deck into a PDF to make it easier to share.  It's brief (25) pages and quick to flip through.  More importantly, it captures a mash up of some of the most important principles, patterns, and practices for leading from the inside out.  When you drive from the inside out, you amplify your impact and improve your effectiveness.  It also gives you a strong foundation for dealing with life's curve balls.

Why You 2.0
Here are a some key benefits:

  • Success by design.  Rather than luck into success, you’ll know your personal combination for results.
  • Living your purpose.  Nothing fuels life like knowing what you want.
    Living your values.  Living your values help you enjoy more moments in your life, a moment at a time.
  • Playing to your strengths.  When you play to your strengths, you improve your energy, and you amplify your results.  It’s the simplest way to get more impact each day.
  • Improved results.  You’ll improve your results.  A little self-knowledge goes a long way.  You’ll be a better, faster, stronger you for whatever you want.

Read my post and download the You 2.0 E-Book on Sources of Insight.

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  1. thank you very much.

    hug from spain,


  2. Jack says:

    Really very cool! A good series of slids

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