Dr. K on How To Design a Fulfilling Life

I'm honored to have a guest post on Sources of Insight from Dr. Rick Kirschner (aka Dr.K on How To Design a Fulfilling Life.  Dr. K is the best-selling author of Dealing with People You Can't Stand.  If you're an engineer or simply like doing things by design, Dr. K shares some of his thoughts on how to live a life by design vs. by default.  Here's a summary of his lessons:

  • #1: Self Protection is the priority mission.
  • #2: Self Maintenance is the secondary mission.
  • #3: Create Something is your third mission.
  • #4: Connection is the fourth mission.
  • #5: Service is the fifth mission.

For me, the guiding rule that helps me shape my life is, "give your best where you have your best to give."  It forces me to focus on my strengths and lift others up.

Read How To Design a Fulfilling Life.

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