Dr. K on Top 10 Lessons in Interpersonal Skills

I'm honored to have a guest post on Sources of Insight from Dr. Rick Kirschner (aka Dr.K) on Top 10 Lessons in Interpersonal Skills. Dr. K is the best selling author of Dealing with People You Can't Stand.   I think that communication skills improve your effectiveness in just about any situation.  I find this is especially true in software development given how much of the work is about collaboration, teamwork, and getting things done with other people.  You can luck into communication success or you can learn key skills.  Dr. K does a great job of giving actionable, prescriptive advice for bringing out the best in people.

Here's a summary of the top 10 lessons in interpersonal skills:

  • Lesson #1: Make Useful Assumptions
  • Lesson #2 Assume Positive Intent
  • Lesson #3: Know What You Want
  • Lesson #4: Meet People Where They Are
  • Lesson #5: Listen To Go Deep
  • Lesson #6: Choose Your Words Carefully
  • Lesson #7: Relationships Are About Perception
  • Lesson #8: Project and Expect The Best
  • Lesson #9: Keep Your Wits About You
  • Lesson #10: Create Change In Stages

Read Top 10 Lessons on Interpersonal Skills for more on these lessons.

Comments (5)

  1. Jack says:

    top 10 lessons, so great!

    I hope there will be many top x lessons on different areas

  2. JD Meier says:

    @ Jack

    There’s definitely more to come!

  3. Cory says:

    Please forgive the question, but I love your layout. Is the theme you use available somehow?

    Thanks, for great stuff

  4. JD Meier says:

    @ Corey

    Thank you.  The theme on this blog is Gold Coast and it’s available if you use Community Server.

    The theme I use on Sources of Insight is Arthemia, by Michael Jubel.

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