Performance Hot Spots

Note: This article is updated at Software Performance Hot Spots.

I wrote a post about Performance Hot Spots on Shaping Software.  This is a follow up to my post on Security Hot Spots.  Hot spots are a way to turn Pareto's principle (the 80/20 rule) into action.  By focusing on hot spots, you find the levers in the system that produce the greatest results.  You can also use the Performance Hot Spots to help you find and share principles, patterns, and practices for performance.  Read my post to find the what, why and how of Performance Hot Spots.

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  1. J Healy says:

    The ‘saga’ recounted in Udi Dahan’s MSDN article raises a number of performance-related issues relative to demanding collaborative apps with high messaging loads. Some of them would appear to be fundamental architectural concerns which should at least be evaluated in the context of Prism v3. I’d personally like to see some interaction between the P&P team and Udi relative to these issues to see if there aren’t some underlying patterns that could be applied to your next release.

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    Good points … I agree … I’ll pass along.

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