Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection

I've posted a summary of my Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection pattern on Sources of Insight.   It's the heart of my results system and it's how I organize and structure my week.  On Mondays, I figure out 3 compelling outcomes (results) for the week.  This helps me prioritize my day to day.  Each day, I figure out 3 compelling outcomes.  On Fridays, I reflect on 3 things going well and 3 things to improve.  I carry forward the lessons learned into each new week.

It's a simple but effective pattern improving your effectiveness.  I use it to drive results for myself and my project teams.  By scoping with The Rule of 3 , structuring your week with Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection, and investing in your hot spots for life (mind, body, emotions, career, relationships, financial, and fun), you set yourself up for success.  It works because you define your 3 tests for success each day and for the week.  It also works because it's easy to get back on your horse when you fall down.  If you got off the bandwagon, to get back on, simply start your day by asking what's the 3 best results you can accomplish for the day.

Comments (2)

  1. This is an extremely effective system. I’ve used a revised version of it myself for years to keep me on track.

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