Ken Sylvester on Top 5 Characteristics of Leaders

I'm honored to have a guest post at Sources of Insight from Dr. Ken Sylvester on The Top 5 Characteristics of Leaders.  Dr. Sylvester has taught Negotiation Strategies at Microsoft for many years.  He's president of Organization Strategy Institute (OSI) and has more than 35 years of experience as a leadership and management consultant and professional negotiator.

Here's a summary of Dr. Sylvester's top five characteristics of leaders:

  • Characteristic 1. Depersonalization: Neutralize Ego-Centric Thinking
  • Characteristic 2. Self-Control and Emotional Maturity:
  • Characteristic 3. Emotional Maturity: Avoid “Dancing” To Others’ Psychological Music
  • Characteristic 4. Manage Failure: Expect Setbacks
  • Characteristic 5. Cope with Imperfection: Guard Your Expectations
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