patterns & practices Mobile Pocket Guide Update

We posted a new version of our patterns & practices Mobile Application Architecture Pocket Guide.  It's a significant update from our earlier release.  Special thanks to Rob Tiffany and Rabi Satter for helping reshape and improve the guide.  Rob Tiffany is a Microsoft Mobility Architect so he brings a ton of customer experience to the table.  Rabi Satter is a Microsoft Program Manager and formerly a Mobility Consultant. He has a long history of partner consulting and blogging on mobile and embedded platforms.

Key Changes
The key changes include:

  • Improved precision and relevancy for mobile.
  • Improved the figure of the canonical mobile application.
  • Elaborated on the "why" and rationale for certain decisions.
  • Elaboration on handling connections

Chapters At a Glance
Here’s the chapters at a glance:

  • Ch 01 – Mobile Application Architecture
  • Ch 02 – Architecture and Design Guidelines
  • Ch 03 - Presentation Layer Guidelines
  • Ch 04 - Business Layer Guidelines
  • Ch 05 - Data Access Layer Guidelines
  • Ch 06 - Service Layer Guidelines
  • Ch 07 - Communication Guidelines
  • Ch 08 - Deployment Patterns


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