Motivation Techniques

I posted 13 Motivation Techniques on Sources of Insight today.  Motivation is key to your results.  You can have the best skills in the world, but if you don't have the motivation, you won't get things done.  It's one thing to get inspired by others, it's another to be able to inspire yourself.  Sometimes even before you get inspired, you need to be able to get past some self-defeating behaviors or self-talk.

The post is brief, but you'll learn a lot.  You'll learn negative thought patterns as well as specific motivation techniques for finding pleasure, defeating your inner critic, avoiding analysis paralysis, taking positive actions, and building self-confidence.  You'll also learn how to reframe your common thought patterns into more empowering ones.

Even if you already do a lot of this, you'll now have a precise set of named techniques that you can draw from throughout your life, either for yourself or for a friend.  These are proven practices by one of the world's top experts, Dr. David Burns.  I'm a fan of improving effectiveness and I think these are a very powerful set of simple practices that will serve you well.

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