Know Your learning Styles

This is for all you life-long learners out there.  If you know your learning styles, you can improve your results.  You can also improve your interaction with others.  This is something that shows up everyday, but you might not be aware of it.  I posted an article on the key learning styles and how you can use them on Sources of Insight.

Here's a summary of the key styles

  • Concrete Random - You want specifics, but you don't care about the order of the information.
  • Concrete Sequential - You want specifics and you want it in a linear, logical fashion.
  • Abstract Random - Generalities and abstractions are fine and you could care less whether this is the beginning, middle or the end of the story.
  • Abstract Sequential - Generalities and abstractions are fine, but you want them to have a sequential flow.

As with any lens, we're all a mix of styles and it's a continuum so the key is to know your preferences and the preferences of others. 

If you've ever seen an architect and developer locked in a debate, you might just be experiencing a conflict between abstract and concrete.  If you've ever had a hard time making your point, maybe you were hopping around randomly when you needed to be sequential.  If you've ever bored the wits out of somebody, maybe you just needed to hop around to the good stuff instead of making them follow your path over the river and through the woods, just to get to Grandma's house.


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