Jason Taylor on The Zen of Results

Jason shares how he implements the Zen of Results workflow as well as a dialogue around some sticking points with his team.  Jason's one of the most effective people I know and his insights are always crisp and actionable. 

Here's my key take aways:

  • Free yourself from your tasks to focus on delivering real value.
  • Be mindful of your results.
  • Avoid becoming attached to your backlog.  Time changes what's important.
  • Use the weekly cycle and reflection to improve your ability to execute.
  • Reprioritize, delegate, and defer.
  • Watch out for common binds - randomization, poorly planned objectives, fuzzy priorities.
  • Create a workflow that revolves around delivering value, not completing tasks.
  • if you're not hitting your goals, figure out why - don't spiral into the pit of despair.
  • Results build momentum.

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