Out for December

Just a quick note -- I'm out of the office through December.  Here's what I'm up to:

  • Improving Sources of Insight.  That's where I share my lessons learned from books, quotes and people for improving effectiveness for mind, body, career, financial, relationships, and fun.
  • Improving Shaping Software.  That's where I share my lessons learned on software success.
  • Improving my body.  I'm running Monday through Friday and taking Pilates.  I'll be working on my flexibility and kicks too (from Kick Boxing)
  • Improving my mind.  I'm reading some stuff that's supposed to make me smarter.  I'll test how well it works when I'm back at work 😉
  • Testing my limits.  It's the end of the year, so it's a good time to see where I'm waxing and where I'm waning and where I might want to retool.
  • Writing books. This is more of an experiment, but a promising one.  I'm attempting to crack the nut on human potential.  How anybody can go from ordinary to extraordinary.  I'm chunking the problem down and focusing on personal productivity.  I'd like to see more people unleash their potential.  I'm distilling the best of what I've learned for getting results.  It's early, but I think I'm on to something.  This can seriously change people's lives.
  • Slacking.  I'm a fan of downtime and I like a lot of movies 😉

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you can follow along the Application Architecture Guide 2.0 project at the following sites:

Comments (4)

  1. Kevin says:

    I have been reading and learning from Steve McConnell’s books.

    I have been modeling you for improvements.

    Looking forward to your book, and hope it would be one of the classic book same as Steve’s.

    Have a good time and happy holiday season,


  2. JD Meier says:

    Thanks Kevin – great to hear!

    Happy holidays to you and yours.

  3. Akshay Bogawat says:

    I am looking forward to your book, hope to see it soon.

  4. JD Meier says:

    @ Akshay

    It will likely take a few months from this stage based on past experience.

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