Microsoft Presentation, Data Access, Workflow and Integration Technology Cheat Sheets

In my previous post, Choosing the Right Presentation Technology, I mentioned that we posted our cheat sheet on Microsoft presentation technologies to CodePlex.  Now, we’ve finished posting our cheat sheets for data access, workflow, and integration on CodePlex:

Technology Coverage
Here’s a summary table of the technology coverage in the cheat sheets:

Category Technologies
Presentation Compact Framework; ASP.NET Mobile; Silverlight Mobile; Windows Forms; windows Forms with WPF User Controls; WPF WPF with Windows Forms User Controls; XBAP with WPF; Silverlight; Silverlight with AJAX; ASP.NET Web Forms; ASP.NET Web Forms with AJAX; ASP.NET Web Forms with Silverlight Controls; ASP.NET MVC; ASP.NET Dynamic Data
Data Access ADO.NET Core; ADO.NET Data Services Framework; ADO.NET Entity Framework (EF); ADO.NET Sync Service;s LINQ; LINQ to SQL
Workflow Windows Workflow Foundation (WF); Workflow Services; Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS); BizTalk
Integration BizTalk; Host Integration Server (HIS); Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ); Microsoft Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Guidance

Agile Architecture Methodology
You can use the Agile Architecture Methodology to help map and test relevant technologies to your scenario.  At the end of the day, the best techniques for choosing technologies include architectural spikes, scenario-based testing and scenario-based evaluation.

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