Software Architecture Best Practices at a Glance

Today we posted our updated software architecture best practices at a glance to CodePlex, as part of our patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0 project:

They’re essentially a brief collection of problems and solutions around building software applications.  The answers are short and sweet so that you can quickly browse them.  You can think of them as a bird’s-eye view of the problem space we tackled.  When we add them to the Application Architecture Guide 2.0, we'll provide quick links into the guide for elaboration.

This is your chance to bang on the set of problems and solutions before Beta 2 of the guide.

Comments (3)

  1. As part of our patterns & practices Application Architecture 2.0 project , we created a set of application

  2. Aj M says:

    The Architecture guidance and related artifacts is excellent work! One of the best stuff to come out of PAG in the last year or so. Please keep up the great work you guys are doing.

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