New Release: patterns & practices Acceptance Test Engineering Guide (BETA1)

patterns & practices Acceptance Test Engineering (Beta 1) is now available.

Key Scenarios

Here’s the key scenarios the guide addresses:

  • How to Plan for Acceptance Testing
  • What Kinds of Acceptance Tests to Run
  • How to Create and Run Acceptance Tests
  • Defining What “Done” Means
  • How to Justify Your Approach

How The Guide is Organized
The guide is organized in 3 parts:

  • PART I – THINKING MODELS: an overview of acceptance testing and explains several models that are useful in conceptual thinking about acceptance testing.
  • PART II – THUMBNAILS: a thumbnail is a short overview of a practice that explains what it is, when you may want to use it, the risks that it mitigates, and an overview of how to perform the practice.
  • PART III – SAMPLES: a collection of sample artifacts generated by applying different practices in a fictional real-world situation for Global Bank.

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