New Release: Unity Application Block

Unity Application Block 1.2 is now available.

What's New

  • Added an interception mechanism (extension) and integration of the Policy Injection Application Block with the Unity Application Block.
  • Added two instance interceptors (TransparentProxyInterceptor, InterfaceInterceptor) and one type interceptor (VirtualMethodInterceptor).
  • Improved support for generics.
  • Added support for arrays.
  • Registered names are now available as an ObjectBuilder policy so that you can do a ResolveAll from within the strategy chain. The container automatically registers itself with itself.
  • Added PerThreadLifeTimeManager.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.

Key Features
The Unity Application Block (Unity) is a lightweight, extensible dependency injection container. It facilitates building loosely coupled applications and provides developers with the following advantages:

  • Simplified object creation, especially for hierarchical object structures and dependencies
  • Abstraction of requirements; this allows developers to specify dependencies at run time or in configuration and simplify management of crosscutting concerns
  • Increased flexibility by deferring component configuration to the container
  • Service location capability; this allows clients to store or cache the container
  • Instance and type interception (via an extension introduced in this release)

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