Key Architecture Resources

As part of our patterns & practices App Arch Guide 2.0, I put together a short list of resources I want to make sure my team is spending time in:

As far as some community sites, here's a short list of ones I've found helpful:

What's your favorite haunts for architecture nuggets?

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  • Comments (4)

    1. Alex says:

      Based on their main RSS feeds, the latest ARCast is  from Dec’07 and the latest SkyScraper item is from Mar’08. Are these still alive? Ok, one could argue a body of content has already been accumulated, but still …

    2. JD Meier says:

      @Alex – Yeah, I would just scan and drill through what’s there.  There’s a lot of key themes, insights, and fundamental concepts to leverage.

    3. Mark Baker says:


      Consider talking to Dr. Dobbs about adding content to the Architecture site there.  I write a blog there on Windows/.NET.  The managing editor is Jon Erickson.  If you want his email, send me an email to my work box – you have my address already.  Alternatively, send me links to what you want and I’ll include it on my blog.



    4. JD Meier says:

      @Mark – that would be great!  Thank you.

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