Top 100 Blogs in Technorati

I created a snapshot of the top 100 blogs according to Technorati.   I'll be starting with these blogs to identify patterns and practices for effective blogging.   I'll be analyzing blog design, user experience patterns, key features, content, style, frequency, information management, community interaction, impact ... etc.   I think there's a lot of lessons to be learned.

Top 100 Blogs
This is the list I see in Technorati as of 02/23/2008.

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  1. MikeA says:

    Hi JD,

    I’m sure this is going to be a very interesting bit of research, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts.  However, there’s something additional that I’m sure you have probably thought of, and wondered if you’d include this as well in your work.

    Sure, some of these are the "most read sites", but even within these sites, some blog posts are more read that others.  I’d be interested if you have any insights of what makes a good "post" as well as a good "blog".



  2. J.D. Meier says:

    Hey Mike –

    I’ll be sure to include the anatomy of a great post.  One of the best insights Ward gave me when building Wikis was to think in terms of great pages.  I actually think that great blogs are built from great posts over time.

    I also want to distinguish between well-read and great value.  Whenever I think of impact, I think in terms of "how many’ and "how much" (just like when rating the impact of a security issue.)  For example, a lot of people might read the blog or posts, but the value is low.  Or only a few might read the post, but the value is high.  

    I think there’s a lot of undiscovered blogs and posts out in the wild that just aren’t as findable as they should be.  I like the fact that digg and stumbleupon help us find and share nuggets around the Web.  I also hope to share lessons learned around making key posts more findable from both an SEO standpoint and a community standpoint.

    I also think there’s a distinction between popular opinion and expert opinion.  I think going forward, authority sites, blogs, and people will become increasingly important.  By authority, I don’t mean official.  I mean the network/community will come to trust that particular source of insight, and in time, that will drive a certain search experience.

    At the end of the day, a great blog or post:

    – makes you think

    – makes you feel

    – makes you act

    I haven’t figured out yet how to share what I learn, but I’ll probably create a guide, in addition to posts.  I see too many folks start and stop blogs.  I want more folks sharing their insights and I think that if they know how to succeed they’ll keep going.

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